Zakhvatayeva N.V., Shelomkov A.S.
Activated Sludge as a Controlled Ecological System

Edited by Prof. Dr. Pupyrev.

M.: «Expo-Media-Press»

Year of Publication: 2013

Number of Pages: 288

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The goal of the book is to show the complexity of biological processes at all levels, from intracellular enzymatic reactions to the most complicated chains of interrelations between activated sludge microorganisms that perform the treatment of wastewater.

The innovative system analysis proposed by the authors in the biology of activated sludge as an integral ecological system, results in clear understanding of processes that obey some strict well-balanced laws appropriate to all life forms.

The age of activated sludge is the main factor that determines the physical condition of activated sludge and the regulation of wastewater treatment processes. On the basis of experimental data, the authors derived the following law: a certain specific rate of sludge growth corresponds to a strictly defined specific growth and specific rate of substrate oxidation. The authors have also for the first time introduced and substantiated the notion of the “economic capacity” of an aeration tank as a habitat for activated sludge.

The book contains some recommendations for the application of the basic process parameters (proposed by the authors) for the design of wastewater biological treatment facilities.

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