E.I. Pupyrev

Water and Power

М.: “Expo-Media-Press” JSC

Year of publishing: 2014

Number of pages: 124


The book discusses the most important problems of water use by humankind and its impact on different aspects of human life at various stages of historical development of the society. Water is the main resource of human life and the prime component of the environment of all living organisms. The functions of water are quite diverse. From a certain level of human development, the quality of water supply and wastewater disposal the main index of the governmental management efficiency, while water becomes a public resource, an economic and political instrument of public management. The author makes an analytical review and makes an attempt to analyze the levels of technical and social development of water supply and wastewater disposal at different stages of national development trying to study the interactions of a form of state management and the level of water supply and wastewater disposal. The author analyses these questions for different epochs: some ancient states that existed B. C., the early Middle Ages, Renaissance, etc. up to the 21st century. The development of water supply and wastewater disposal is studied through the problems that existed in the states of certain epochs and the functioning of power in these states. The style of the book is vigorous; it contains numerous historic and technical facts. It will be interesting and useful for the professionals, specializing in the field of water supply and wastewater disposal, for the officials that tackle these problems, for the students and teachers of technical colleges and universities and for all those interested in history.

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