Pupyrev E.I.

The Complex Modernization of Life-Support

Facilities in a Modern Megalopolis

Scientific Publication

Edited by Dr. A. N. Mirny


M.: “K.D. Pamfilov Academy

of Municipal Economy” Publishing


Year of Publication: 2013

Number of Pages: 344

About 73 per cent of Russian population is concentrated in cities that occupy less than 3 per cent of the territory of the country. The concentration of population in cities, especially in megalopolises, results in a considerable deterioration of living conditions.

The complex modernization of life-support facilities in a modern megalopolis is aimed at the establishment and maintenance of optimal living and working conditions for citizens as well as at a sustainable development of cities and of the country in general. Sustainable development is a model of society development and usage of resources; it is model of interaction between people and nature and a model of civilization development on the basis of innovations, when the vital requirements of the current generation are met without depriving the future generations of such a possibility.

This monograph dwells on a number of problems that urban public utilities have to tackle. In particular: selection of appropriate up-to-date technologies for water supply, wastewater disposal and waste management; air protection, ecological monitoring, etc. 

The authors discuss some general approaches and methods for the analysis and design of specific, in particular, innovative technologies and complex life-support systems in megalopolises.

Special attention is given to environmental problems and the energy efficiency of the technologies in question.

The goal of this book is to inform the specialists of the public utilities sector about modern technologies, equipment and organization of activities in the field of life-support in different regions of the Russian Federation. This book combines some previous monographs written by the author; it is the basis of the following three courses of lectures entitled “The Environmental Protection Management”, “The Management of Water Systems” and “The Management in the Field of Water Engineering”. It may be also used as a training aid for the attendees of various seminars and participants of training courses for specialists in the field of municipal economy.

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