A.N. Mirny, V.E. Murashov, V.E. Koretsky

The State Management of Waste

within the Framework

of a Sustainable Development Concept 

A scientific publication under the

editorship of A. N. Mirny.

М.: K.D. Pamfilov Academy

of Municipal Economy

Year of publishing: 2012

Number of pages: 351

Sustainable development is a model of society development, usage of resources, a model of interaction between human beings and nature and a model of civilization development on the basis of innovations. Under this model, the vital requirements of the existing generation are met without depriving the future generations of such a possibility.

In Russia the transfer to sustainable development in general is possible only in case of a sustainable development of its every region.

The urbanization level in Russia is high.

Russian cities occupy 2 per cent of the territory of our country and they factually use the resources of the rest of Russian territory. More than 73 per cent of Russian population is concentrated in cities and they produce about 80 per cent of the gross domestic product. Great volumes of solid waste (including solid domestic waste) are accumulated in Russian cities.

At the end of the 20th century the society clearly understood the deep crisis in the field of environmental pollution and inefficient usage of natural resources. As a result of this, in the 21st century the waste management is no more a problem of secondary importance; it is among the most important conditions for the development of cities and entire regions.

The book analyses the problems to be taken into account for the development of regional concepts for waste management; it also analyses the variants of tackling these problems. The authors dwell on the up-to-date technologies for SDW collection, transportation, neutralization, processing and utilization. Special attention is paid to the ecological problems of the complex urban waste management system. They also discuss the possibilities for the cosmic monitoring of refuse collector vehicles.

The goal of the book is to inform relevant specialists about some modern technologies, organization of activities, machinery and equipment for the efficient waste management in the regions of the Russian Federation.

Being written for engineers and technicians, the book may be used a teaching aid for environmentally oriented students and for some interested professionals attending seminars and training courses in the field of municipal economy.

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