A.S. Shelomkov, S.A. Shelomkov

The Guidance on the Design of

Facilities for the Treatment of

Municipal Wastewater and

Industrial Wastewater of

Similar Composition


Under the general editorship of

E.I. Pupyrev 

М.: “MosvodokanalNIIproject” JSC


Year of publishing: 2014


Number of pages: 406

Certificate of the deposition of the book

N 014-003197 of March19, 2014 ISBN 978-5-4472-3157-6

The “Guidance…” is developed as the reference aid for the Construction Regulations 32.13330.2012 “Wastewater Disposal. External Supply Lines and Facilities (the Actualized Version of SNiP 2.04.03-85)”, on the basis of the generalization of some well-known and repeatedly tested methods for the calculation of the process parameters of wastewater and sludge treatment facilities. 

This guidance is developed for the realization (according to “The Catalogue of the Best Available Technologies (BAT) for the Treatment of Wastewater in Cities and Settlements”) of the technological concepts for urban and rural facilities for municipal wastewater, industrial wastewater of similar composition and sludge treatment. It should be mentioned that the selection and introduction of the best available technologies is to be aimed at a complex approach to the prevention or minimization of any adverse man-induced environmental impact. The selection and introduction of the BAT are based on the comparison between the efficiency of environmental protection measures and the expenditures to be incurred by the relevant agent of economic or any other activity aimed at the prevention or minimization of the adverse impact induced by him. The Guidance contains the review of the modern process flow diagrams, equipment and structural concepts for the basic wastewater treatment and sludge treatment and utilization facilities in order to determine (on the basis of described calculation methods) the process parameters for the wastewater and sludge treatment facilities and to select the appropriate structural concepts for these facilities, applying the equipment offered by various companies on the Russian market.

This guidance is recommended for the specialists of design offices and operating organizations as well as for the students specializing in the field of water supply and wastewater disposal.

“The Guidance on the Design of Facilities for the Treatment of Municipal Wastewater and Industrial Wastewater of Similar Composition” may be purchased in electronic form (CD).

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Authors: A. S. Shelomkov, Cand. Tech. Sci., S. A. Shelomkov, Cand. Tech. Sci.

Under the General Editorship of Prof. Dr. E. I. Pupyrev

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