I.G. Boykova, V.V. Volshanik, N.B.

Karpova, V.G. Pechnikov, E.I.

Pupyrev E.I. 

The Operation, Reconstruction and

Protection of Urban Water Bodies.

A Higher School Educational Aid

М.: АСВ Publishing House
Year of publication: 2008
Number of pages: 256

The authors discuss some regulatory, organizational, technical and ecological aspects of the operation, reconstruction and protection of small rivers and water bodies in large cities. They give a detailed classification of urban water bodies. The book describes the ways and methods used for the rehabilitation of water bodies, taking into account the city-forming, the landscape and the ecological features of the location of water bodies in urban environment. The authors give some examples of the design approaches to the reconstruction of water bodies in Moscow and the content of the Moscow municipal programs for the rehabilitation of water bodies.

The educational aid is intended for the students specializing in the fields of hydraulic engineering, complex use and protection of water resources and engineering environmental protection. For this educational aid making, the authors used some materials prepared by the sub-departments and laboratories of the Hydraulic Engineering and Special Construction Faculty (Moscow Civil Engineering University) and the Laboratory of Urban Water Sector Development Programs (“MosvodokanalNIIproject Institute” JSC).

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