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Our Institute renders the entire complex of services in the field of process automation. We have great experience in making process control systems on a turn-key basis for facilities being constructed and reconstructed, developing APCS documentation both for existing facilities and facilities under construction, in packaging, assembling, adjustment, servicing and support of control systems.

We carry out all stages of APCS establishing, from technical requirements development to personnel training and commissioning of facilities.

APCS for small facilities are made of ready-made components and very quickly. Nevertheless for large facilities technical requirements, project documentation, expert investigation and coordination with clients and higher authorities may be needed.

For all constructed facilities we develop post-completion documentation and operating instructions.

We have great experience in developing automation projects for various sectors of municipal economy – systems for water supply and wastewater disposal and treatment, solid domestic waste processing enterprises, snow-melters, urban waste management systems and other facilities of urban infrastructure.

Based on our experience we are ready to approach sensitively the requirements and possibilities of every our client, taking into account specific technological needs and the resources, staff and professional skill that are at the disposal of our customers.  

We carry out intermediate and post-warranty servicing of automatic process control systems.

We support our systems throughout the entire cycle of the products.

Our specialists render consulting services and visit facilities upon the first request of our clients.

Our prices 

The cost of every specific system is determined by the technological characteristics of a facility and the development level of the informational and control functions of a given automatic process control system.

Approximately, the cost of making an APCS may be determined, having taken the cost of one input-output as 10 thousand rubles. Thus, for example, the cost of an APCS of 100 inputs-outputs will amount to 1 million rubles, while in the case of 1 000 inputs-outputs it will be 10 million rubles, etc.   

The cost of documentation development amounts to 5 per cent of the cost of the system.


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