“MosvodokanalNIIproject” JSC is one of the oldest organizations having a unique professional experience and the largest center in municipal engineering sector for solving the vital problems of municipal economy development. The experience of the Institute in the field of life-support and environmental protection systems development and improvement exceeds 70 years. The design concepts of the Institute have been successively applied for engineering infrastructure facilities in Moscow, in other large Russian cities and abroad. 


All facilities being designed are provided with up-to-date automatic control systems. Our projects take into account every new trend in developing and improving the reliable automatic control of municipal economy engineering support. Apart from other aspects, these trends include unattended operation of the main technological sub-systems and units of enterprises and introduction of managerial decision support software.
At present the personnel of “MosvodokanalNIIproject” JSC exceeds 200 skilled employees. Most of them are specialists having higher professional education, multi-year experience as well as scientific degrees and titles. Young licensed specialists comprise one third of our staff. High quality of our design and cost-estimate documentation and labor efficiency improvement are achieved by way of transfer to electronic technologies for design documentation release; the volume of documentation on electronic media amounts to 98 per cent.


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